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Visiting Artist Series, Fall 2023

Gain access to the latest Guest Artist Series featuring some of the biggest names in illustration, fine arts, and entertainment & game arts. These events are LIVE & INTERACTIVE. All lectures are available on-demand post-broadcast.
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  • Content
    7 Artist Events

  • Length
    21+ Hours

  • Delivery
    Live + Online

  • Interaction
    Q&A + Discord

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Live delivery

Every guest speaker event is broadcast live & online.


Join the Visual Arts Passage community on Discord and ask questions during the live events.

On-demand flexibility

Can't catch the live lecture? Gain access the next day and watch it as much as you need here. 

Dip your toes

Not yet ready for the full mentorship experience at Visual Arts Passage? The Guest Speaker Series is an easy way to sample the experience at an affordable price.
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Terryl Whitlatch

Terryl Whitlatch is a renowned character design artist, celebrated for her detailed and scientifically accurate illustrations of creatures both real and imagined. Her work has been pivotal in iconic films such as "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," showcasing her unique blend of creativity and zoological knowledge.

Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato is a gifted concept artist known for his striking and innovative designs, often seen in major film and television productions. His ability to meld imagination with realism has made him a sought-after talent in the entertainment industry, contributing to projects such as "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Pacific Rim: Uprising."

Keith Knight

Keith Knight is a prolific cartoonist and social commentator best known for his comic strips "The K Chronicles," "Think," and "(th)ink," which tackle a range of topics from racial injustice to personal anecdotes. His insightful and often humorous approach to addressing societal issues has garnered widespread acclaim, and his life and work served as inspiration for the TV series "Woke."

Brian Matyas

Brian Matyas is a distinguished concept artist celebrated for his role in shaping the visuals of notable projects, including the series "The Mandalorian." His imaginative designs, evident in films and video games, highlight a profound grasp of storytelling, bringing fantastical worlds to vivid life.

Julie Beck

Julie creates evocative pieces centered on nostalgia, relationships, and identity, with her diverse works ranging from still life to figurative art, finding homes in private collections both domestically and abroad.

Eric Skillman
Art Director, The Criterion Collection

Eric is an award-winning designer, art director, and writer, best know for his long association as the art director of the Criterion Collection.


Summer Artist Series

Course Overview

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Hosted by

John English

Gallery Painter & Visual Arts Passage Co-founder
John English was raised in the company of New York’s most talented illustrators. He is the co-founder and program director of Visual Arts Passage. He is also the founder and director of The Illustration Academy.

He has received numerous awards from organizations including New York Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, Graphis and Print Magazine. John’s work has graced the cover of Newsweek, the pages of Esquire, Money, and Essence, and the publications of Penguin Books, Bantam Books, Hitachi, 7-Up, NCAA, Sprint Corporation, and the Knoll Furniture Group.
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